Where did fall go?

When I wrote the date on the chalkboard at school (I can't believe I still use a chalkboard!) I was shocked that December was already here! Where was I for the month of November?

Since I missed that month, I figured I should just get started with Christmas. I bought a BEAUTIFUL wreath to hang above my mantle. I wanted something a little different and I love the purple color instead of the traditional red.

As we were hanging it up, Mike said "You wish there was a beam to finish the mantle, don't you?" Well, it's true. I do. Maybe one of these days he will get the beam up there. He is a perfectionist about his work, so I keep that in mind when things take a long time.

I like the wreath so much, I might not even do a Christmas tree. Is that bad? I just don't have room for one. However, I am looking for a creative way to hang some of my favorite ornaments, so if you have a good idea, please let me know.

On another note, this innocent looking creature jumped on that ottoman like a diving board to launch himself into that chair he is sitting on. He sent the ottoman flying across the room down the stairs to the basement and put a hole in the basement door. He is getting coal in his stocking.

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  1. Oh i wish we had a fireplace!! It looks great! If you will be home on Christmas morning, you need your own tree!! It's a must. We will be going this week to get ours!!


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