We wish you a merry christmas

This year, I felt so fortunate. I got to spend time with both my family and Mike's family. We shared delicious food, (cannolis, beer bread and dip, butternut squash,lasagna, etc.) we had lots of laughs playing Apples to Apples, and gave and received beautiful gifts.

My favorite gift was from Mike- a Kindle Fire.
All I plan to do on this vacation is read read read!

My mom gave me new pots and pans to cook with. What I was using was awful! It was so not on the Anti-Cancer list, so these should be much better and healthier for cooking. The only non-stick item is the top one and my mom said it came free with the other purchase.

My aunt's house looked lovely, as always. She had a gorgeous, full tree, which I chose not to have this year. :( I'm blaming that on Tom's wedding.

Happy Holidays!!!

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