Thank God The Power Is Back!

We had a bizarre October snow storm. We get snow in October, but usually not a lot of heavy snow that lands on the trees that have lots of leaves on them this time of year. That resulted in lots of trees going down and well over 800,000 people in Connecticut losing power. How many people are there in Connecticut, anyway? Doesn't that seem like it must be everyone? I would say half of my family is still out after 7 days. Yikes! Thank goodness it was only 4 days for us.

This is the view out our window! Crazy for October, right? They cancelled Halloween because of too many downed wires. It feels so weird that we didn't have it.

Poor Pucky is trying to stay warm without heat. Luckily, we had a generator.

Of course, Mike and I got a terrible stomach bug in the middle of the darkness. Mike had to go to the hospital. What a mess.

But before all that, Mike and I got to taste a new ice cream flavor. The local news station was saying that many grocery stores will not carry it because of the name. But, I knew that I would be able to find it in my town. I live in the Valley! The Valley is all about this kind of thing! The one positive thing about living here!


  1. I heard about that Ice Cream, I thought it was a joke. Now that I know it's not, I can't wait to taste some Schweddy Balls!

  2. Crystal- I said to my friend, "It takes like rum balls." And she replied, "I've never tasted any like that!" LOL!


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