Get Your Tickets!

This is my good deed to anyone who might actually read this blog:

Hunger Games movie tickets are now on sale. Today, I bought my tickets for the midnight showing on March 23rd. I can't remember the last time I was awake past midnight. I will have to power nap at some point. But, I can't wait!

So, buy yours!


An Idol!

I really love American Idol! I'm a little sad without Simon Cowell on the show, but whatever. The granddaughter of the parson of my church was on the show. She couldn't say whether she made the Top 24, but according to the spoilers, she made it! Surprisingly, she was at church today and I took a picture with her.

Erika Van Pelt:


Winter is CT is fun... until the holidays are over. For January, February, and most of March, I always feel like I'm in a funk. I bought some tickets to a hockey game to get my rear off the couch. I know nothing about hockey. I had drinks, ate a pretzel, and watched a few fights on the ice.

These fights were very random. The first one we watched didn't even seem real. Without any warning, the game suddenly stopped, helmets and gloves were thrown to the ice, and Mike saw one of the guys crack his knuckles before they started throwing punches. I can't really explain it, but it was weird and seemed staged. The other fights seemed more authentic. Anyway, it was entertaining enough.



Tom's wedding photos are posted and they are very cute. If you're curious,

Don't mind my strange faces or sunglasses. :)


Me Time!

On Friday nights, when Mike is out or falls asleep early- it's usually the latter- I can be found doing the following things:

Trying clothes on Puck to see if they fit. It's more fun to see if the dog is getting too fat for his clothes than seeing if I am.

Giving both the dogs these treats that they seem to love but make my hands smell gross.

Drinking my favorite green tea. I know there is caffeine in this, but apparently Dr. Oz feels that the caffeine in green tea isn't so bad. That's the only caffeine I allow myself to have.

I burn all my favorite candles around the house.

Play annoying songs (for which I love...) that Mike doesn't like to hear over and over again:


I've been called a lot of things...

I've been called a lot of things, but never Mrs. Chanukah. Today was a first. :)

On another note:

Mike's camera takes great pictures, but it took me a while to figure out how to get them off.

Here is one of all of us, except Puck, who doesn't like the cold! My face really shows what it is like to keep Willie still for even 10 seconds!

In this one, Mike used a longer lens to take this one and he made the background blurry so Will and I stand out. It's so much fun!


Last Day of Vaca

For my last day of vacation, I wanted to hike around a park and try out my camera. Mike also wanted to try out his camera, so we went to Southford Falls State Park. It is about 15 minutes from our house. It was a little bit cold, but very fun for us.

Tonight, I am going to see the Twilight: Breaking Dawn movie. I think I'm the last person to see it.

The 2012 List has been posted. I'm not going to have one new year's resolution. Instead, I am going to do all of these things!

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