New Year's Eve Conversation:

Lisa: What's your new year's resolution?
Mike: To eat better, work out, and feel better about myself.
Lisa: Yaaa that one gets old fast. That's been mine since I've been 16. I've had enough of that one. That's why I cancelled my gym membership yesterday.

Then, I proceeded to eat my favorite candy ever (I swear there is crack in these!) before dinner at TGI Friday's!

2011's resolution was to adhere to more of an anticancer diet. I am very cautious about BPA's, I drink lots of green tea, and I eat up plenty of fruits and veggies whenever possible. I've switched over to some organic foods and I cook in new stainless steal cookware without the anti-stick coating. I am far from perfect, but I've made some BIG strides towards living an anticancer lifestyle!

2012's resolution is to learn something new. But, I just can't figure out what I want to learn to do. Anything related to drawing or painting is out. It would resemble the work of a first grader. I'm thinking about learning to play the guitar, or horseback riding. I have a snowboard, but I can't say that I can actually snowboard. I make it up and down the beginner slopes, but it's hard for me every time I go. Therefore, I'm thinking about trading the snowboard in for skiis and learning how to ski. Any thoughts? Hopefully, I will have this figured by the end of the month.

May your 2012 be happy and healthy!


  1. you don't know how to ski? I tried it last year and it was crazy hard and sad having 300 5 year olds flying by you.

    You should learn how to sew. That's practical right?

  2. Believe it or not, I can sew! And I love it!


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