Willie is a puppy, and he loves to chew things up. So one day at the store, I found this raw-hide-looking-thing and the woman behind the counter says "Oh ya, dogs love to chew that!" I think, "Great! Sold!" I take this lovely treat home to Willie and he is IN LOVE with it. He sits in one spot for hours chewing it up and doesn't get up until it's done. I feel like its a gift from God because I can get some work done. Two problems I immediately have with it- 1. It stinks. It is only allowed to be chewed on a floor I can wash. 2. It's pretty expensive. $7.99 for one. So, I decide that I am going to buy this "thing" in bulk.

Mike: "What is it?
Lisa: "The woman at the pet store called it a Bully Stick."
Mike: "Do you know what that is?"
Lisa: "No."
Mike: "It's bull c***."
Lisa: "Mike, why do you always have to be so disgusting? Seriously..."
Mike: "Fine, I'll look it up for you."

Turns out, that is what it is. Bully Sticks are in fact, bull you-know-whats. You can get them in bulk from Merrick. So, now I clearly have a third problem. That it's completely gross.

However, Willie LOVES them and they keep him so quiet. So, I'm getting them anyway. Today, I bought the braided variety. It was twice as long when I bought it. I took it away so I can get some peace and quiet tomorrow. Willie is crying at the shelf I put it on. Poor boy!

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