A Run

Mike and I had another BIG Friday night and went for a 2-mile run. It was almost dark, so that made it kind of fun. We put on lots of bug spray and it kept all the insects away. I think we did a good job since it's been forever since we went for a run. I try to run on the road in the morning and it's so hard. However, I find the trails to be much easier. 3 miles goes by so fast on the trails and there are even some small hills to challenge me. Other than that, it's flat and scenic. I love it! I can tell I need a new pair of sneakers. That will be the only exercise for the weekend.

Today, I'm watching the US Women's Soccer Team in the FIFA World Cup. They won their last game and I'm hoping to see them win again. This is my favorite sport and I took this picture 2 summers ago when Mike took me to see a game against Canada in South Carolina.


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