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Over the weekend, Mike and I dug the bikes out of the shed and took them for a ride on the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail. I only know that official name because I looked it up online. (I usually refer to it as the long path that starts in Cheshire.) It's actually 84 miles long, and much of it is paved. It was colder than I thought it was going to be, which is why I'm all bundled up. Next time, I'm taking my rollerblades!

We also went to the dog park. The first few times I went there, I loved it. Willie was so happy and getting along with everyone. He runs around off the leash and socialized with everyone. He is completely harmless and so submissive to other dogs. Over the weekend, we went twice and both times Willie got beaten up by ghetto pitbulls. Their owners said things to us like, "Oh, they just want to hump your dog." Or they said, "Yaaa our dog is so playful." For all you doggie idiots out there, when your dog is twice the size of the puppy, growling and foaming at the mouth at a puppy, and showing teeth and biting the puppy to make the puppy cry and yelp, your dog is a mean asshole and belongs nowhere near the doggie park. That is fighting, not playing. Go back to the ghetto of Waterbury or Bridgeport or wherever you came from and let your dog FIGHT in your own backyard.

Look at this dog. Does he really look like he could defend himself?

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