Italian Girl Meets Irish Boy

I know this post is seriously late, but with my busy schedule, I figure it's better late than never.

March 17th always reminds Mike and I of our first St. Patty's Day together. He took me (Lisa MARIANO) to a St. Patrick's Day dinner and party with his friends. I grew up eating pasta 3 nights a week, and had never EVER celebrated St. Patrick's Day. We arrive at this party and the conversation went like this:

Mike: So, you want to get something to eat.

Lisa: Sure, I guess. (Together we walk to the buffet table and each pick up a plate.)

Mike: Well, what do you want?

Lisa: (Squinting her eyes and looking for a dish that she recognizes, now sees a plate that resembles meat. Now her nose turns up.) Ummm, I don't think I want to eat that ham, really.

Mike: (Eyesballs bulging out of his head) Lisa, that's corned beef!

Lisa: Well, whatever. I'm not eating it. I've never eaten it and I'm not doing it now. (She sees clear looking worms in a pan.) What's that?

Mike: Cabbage.

Lisa: Huh. (She returns the plate to the pile.)

Mike: Please don't tell anyone about this conversation.

Now, 5 years later, I make delicious corned beef and cabbage in the slowcooker AND eat it!

This beer is for show. I ordered it and gave it to Mike. We did an Irish Car Bomb, and then I ordered a margarita.

This guy, HENEGHAN, had a lot more than me.

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