Spring vacation is here! I have BIG PLANS to do nothing. Well, I will need to catch up on a little school work, but that is practically nothing compared to what I do in a normal week.

This weekend, Puck and I got some much needed Vitamin D while Mike worked on the shed behind us.

Mike and I also tried to set up the wireless invisible fence for the dogs. We set it up and I walked all over the yard sticking the flags in the ground. However, I noticed in our (sloping) front yard, there were serious "holes" in the fence. At certain angles, Willie could run completely out of the yard. So after reading more about the system on the internet, I learned the wireless doesn't work well when the yard slopes away from the unit. Therefore, we will be getting the invisible fence that you have to bury in the ground.

Even though the fence didn't work out well, it gave me the chance to walk around and look at the pretty spring flowers blooming.

Daffodils, tulips, and little pink flowers whose name escapes me...

For the rest of vacation, I will be attempting to keep these 2 out of my bed.

I'm also getting ready to fence in a vegetable garden. I have the materials and Mike and I just need to clear the space. Once that is done, I will post pictures.

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