what kind of day do you think I'm having?

Happy thought of the day:
6:00am- I love "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga! It really gets me going at the gym!

All my other thoughts for the day:
At the gym...
6:15am- How much more do I have to go?
6:20am- Does that girl really think that I think that she doesn't see me? Seriously, I don't want to say hello to you either, but I was taught that you should wave, say hello, and be polite. Two words: white trash.
6:30am- Maybe I need an "ugly friend" to go to the gym with. Other people here are clearly doing it. That guy even has "back-up ugly friends"
At home...
7:15am- Is this scale right? Kill me...
7:30am- Why is Willie chewing on the SECOND pair of earbuds I have bought?
7:45am- Great. No clean pans to make eggs.
8:00am- Coffee smells terribly burnt thanks to my abuse of Afrin over the last week.
8:15am- I should be at work already.
8:30am- 4:30pm- School. Need I say more?
On my way home...
4:30pm- Where in GOD's name did you learn that merging onto the highway going 35mph is a safe idea?
4:35pm- Or that driving below the speed limit is appropriate?
4:36pm- Of course you are getting off of my exit and I will have to follow you home.
At home...
5:00pm- Mail: bill, bill, bill.
5:15pm- Wonder what we're gonna have for dinner since I forgot to take something out.
5:20pm- Just remembered we're completely out of alcoholic beverages.
5:30pm- I'm sick of doing laundry. If I was ever to come upon a large sum of money, I would hire a maid.

1 comment:

  1. I had that day yesterday.

    And don't be mad at the girl that didn't wave- I had a weird moment at Whole Foods with Lindsay T. that involved me ignoring her.


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