who loves ya, baby?

I've been avoiding this blog because I don't want to write about ice and snow. I dislike it so much this year, that I won't even give it the satisfaction of writing about it. Therefore, I'm borrowing a list from my good friend, Ashley!

I started off the month of Febraury by showing my love for the community. The brutal winter has caused a severe blood supply shortage. So, I went and donated blood yesterday. For your benefit, this is the only picture I took.
2011 Valentine's Day List:
  • ✓Make a Valentine for someone I love (And someone made one for me!)
  • Write a poem
  • ✓Eat/buy/give a box of chocolates
  • Pick flowers
  • ✓ Cook a meal for someone I love (Yummy Italian meal)
  • ✓ Where red and/or pink (I really dislike taking pictures of myself.)
  • ✓ Bake cupcakes (Funfetti!)
  • ✓ Listen to love songs
  • ✓ Watch a love story (My favorite...)
  • Serenade someone I love
  • ✓ Eat/give conversation hearts
  • Take a horse and carriage ride
  • ✓ Write with a heart pen/pencil
  • Send a v-day e-card
  • ✓ Get a massage (This is me looking very sleepy after my massage.)
  • ✓Wear heart jewelry (Thanks Aunt Betty!)
  • ✓ Paint toes and fingers red
  • Decorate house

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