Winter Festival?

Since Thanksgiving, I have been planning to go to Maine over President's Day weekend. I have been hearing about this AWESOME Winter Festival by Mike's camp! We get packed and ready (this is a lot of work for me) only for Mike to casually mention... "Oh, by the way, they cancelled it because of budget, ice, etc." Of course. However, we went anyway and had a great time!

We went snowmobiling:

Funny story about our ride: We took the snowmobiles to a restaurant/bar/ laundromat/ hotel. Don't ask, because I don't know. There were only a few seats because NASCAR was on. When I walked in, I felt like the music stopped and everyone was staring. Uncomfortable. We found 2 open seats next to a couple of guys that Mike knows. First, one of the men told me I could have just left my helmet outside because no one would EVER steal it. Okay. Next, we all open our menus and the other man says to Mike, "My back is hurting so I took an Oxy at 5am, 9am, and 1pm and now I'm on my 5th beer. "Oh boy," I thought. So we order appetizers (delicious fried cauliflower). When they arrived, I looked at my plate with big, excited eyes and grinned. Just as I go to reach for my first bite, OxyMan leans over, scoops my plate up with two hands, and says the table next to us, "Here, want to try our appetizers?" Why would they decline? A big, burly Maine man starts to dig in. If you know me, you can imagine my face- shocked. And if you know Mike, you can imagine his reaction- hysterical, uncontrollable laughing.

And survived a road trip with these guys:

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