I can admit failure

So, I set some Anticancer goals in the beginning of the month, and I'm doing just okay. The book says that it is important to get fruits and vegetables any way you can. I have definitely done that by making sure I have some with every single meal. The book gets into how some are best eaten raw or prepared a certain way, but also states that any vegetable or fruit is better than none at all. I'm pleased to say I've been doing that- and skipping potatoes.

The green tea goal is going awesome. I love it! I don't miss coffee at all. A couple times this past week, Mike and I went out and had some coffee in the afternoon. It's just something we like to do once in a while together, especially when it's cold. It's important to me that I still allow myself to do things that make me happy.

Here comes the failure part: Soda. What a nightmare for me to get rid of! I've cut back, but not enough to make me happy. Not only will I drink it on its own, but I like to have rum and coke at night after a tough day (I think that was 3 days last week). I drink water all day and when I get home, I am looking for something else. Red wine contains resveratrol, which protects healthy cells from aging and slows cancer growth (slowing growth means that you should not drink red wine if you are pregnant). You can only have 1 glass per night, or it can actually increase your risk of cancer. Maybe I should try that?

I'm not going to push the soda thing. I will do a little at a time, and I know that I will get there eventually. Since taking away soda is not working, I am going to drink one glass of red wine each night 3 nights per week, and that should FORCE me to cut back on soda even more. Let's see how that works.

I also need to start working out more. I was feeling bad until I read that shoveling snow can burn up to 300 calories an hour! Getting back to the gym might be next month's goal. After all, according to this Time article, attendance at the gym should be back to normal by mid- February.

Also, I found this article online. Very interesting:

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  1. Don't beat yourself up about the soda. It's a process. I've become a wine-o myself.

    I think we need to develop a healthy drink that tastes great, can go with anything and is carbonated - what do you think?


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