Holiday Crafts

I was determined to have a Family Craft Day this year, and since I set the date for it a few weeks ago, I have been so excited! My grandmother, mother, aunts, brother, uncle, and Mike were all at our house making holiday crafts and enjoying cookies and coffee.

This year, we bought the most beautiful tree, but I don't have nearly enough decorations and my tree topper is not what I would like it to be. We made ornaments out of clear balls and sleds, and many of them were donated to my Christmas tree.

Tom put a dreidel on his ornamant for my tree. He actually broke the ornament, so he patched up the bottom with a piece of felt. Classy, Tom.

When we were in Maine, Mike cut down a birch tree for us. We made centerpieces and tea light candle holders out of the logs. Drilling the holes was the hardest part and Mike took care of that.

On another note-I am very proud of myself this year because I sent out Christmas cards!

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