'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving...

My holiday weekend began by reading this book in school. It's so cute. Unfortunately, by the end of my weekend, the turkeys were not saved, they were eaten.

On Wednesday night, Mike and I (oh and Puck!) hopped in our truck and headed off to Abbot, ME! We were so crammed in on the way there, and then somehow we had twice as much stuff on the way home. (Possibly because we like to shop?)

Mike bought me a book to read and I love it!

Mike was excited to fry the turkey and it tasted delicious. Although, how could something taste bad after it sits in peanut oil for an hour?

My favorite foods were the turkey, stuffing, and squash. It can be challenging to cook a meal at a camp, but I think we did an excellent job.

There was 2 inches of snow on the ground, and we lounged around in our pajamas. It got down to 18 degrees!

On Saturday night, we went out and celebrated. My teeth are red due to the beverage I was consuming. I know I should stick with clear beverages because of this problem, but it's winter!

Before we left, Mike cut down a birch tree so I can make some Christmas crafts. Hopefully I will have them done before Christmas.

Little Jasper slept in my school bag all the way home.

This weekend really put me in the holiday spirit! Hopefully I can stay this motivated until the end of the month.

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