Earthquake? In Connecticut?

I had such a CRAZY experience yesterday that I HAVE to blog about it. I went to a beach in Fairfield, CT with my sister-in-law. What a beautiful, perfect day! The sun was shining, there were a few puffy, white clouds in the sky, a cooling breeze, and just the right amount of heat to make it warm and not hot. The Sound was cool to put your feet in and the birds pretty much left me alone.

I was laying on my back looking up at the clouds when I thought that I was feeling dizzy. Then I realized my legs were shaking. I wondered Am I having a heat stroke? Then I realized that I was having plenty of water and wondered how I could really feel that sick laying down. I pulled my knees up and sat up on my elbows only to watch my legs and body literally rocking back and forth. Of course, since I was on the beach, I couldn't see anything else moving besides my body. Probably because I was laying directly on the ground it felt so intense to me. People were saying, "What was that? What is going on? Was that an earthquake? An explosion?" Naturally, we are all hooked up to the internet by phones so within a minute someone yelled, "There was an earthquake in Virginia 5 minutes ago!" At that point, some people started leaving the beach. Other people just continued their conversations about going back to school. My sister-in-law was wondering if we should be on the beach in case of a tsunami. ???

I think this is the one of 3 times I have been to a beach in Connecticut and it is certainly the first time in at least 10+ years. And of course, I get to experience the earthquake laying on the ground! Last night I was laying in bed STILL in shock that I felt an earthquake on the East coast! Unreal.

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  1. I heard other people say they wondered if they were having a heart attack when the earthquake happened.


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