Sink or Swim

So, I've decided that it was time to catch up with technology and start a blog! I have been considering it for the last couple of weeks, and there is really no way to "ease myself" into it. So, I'm jumping right in! I have wanted to find some way to document my life and thoughts while keeping in touch with friends and family. Since I have plenty of relaxing time off in the summer, today is the day!

Here is a little bit about what I have been doing this summer:

I spent time in Maine with Mike and his family at the cabin.

We went swimming at my favorite swimming hole. I was so excited to get there this year!

I have spent lots of time with these fine-looking guys!

This summer, I have been busy taking classes for my master's degree at Fairfield University! Every once in a while, I motivate myself to go outside and tend to some of the gardens at this house. Once they are looking nicer, I will post some pictures. The toughest part of the summer has been losing my 4-year-old baby dog, Dax, to cancer. I knew it was going to happen months ago, but I just couldn't face it until he was gone. Being home all summer is tough because it is just way too quiet here without him.

I just finished reading THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett and it was so good! Normally, I would have had 5 books read by now, but I have too much school work. My next summer challenge will be to figure out what to read next! So, if that is my biggest challenge, then life must be pretty good!

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