I was so excited to hear that my friend Ashley is a real AUNTIE. Her nephew is so cute. It reminded me of the babies I'm watching at my house. The nest is on the light next to my sliding glass door. Mommy Robin is so used to us (dogs included) she never gets off the nest. We are in and out of that door probably 25 times a day and she doesn't care. When she leaves to get their dinner, I see all 3 of them sticking their necks up and opening their mouths to tell their Mommy they're hungry. Last night, Mike saw mommy and daddy both land in the nest.
So sweet.

Willie is now trained to his new dog fence. He loves it. He runs laps around our house and gets himself all tired out. He loves to dig holes in the flower beds and grass.

Pucky had 4 MORE teeth removed this week. 4 out of the 5 small teeth on the bottom front. Poor little guy! I can't wait to see him growl.

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