New Year, New You!

For me and other teachers out there, September is the start of a brand new year. Always starting off, I am so energetic and positive! Here it is October 4th, and I'm already out of steam. I've decided to evaluate why, and here is what I came up with:

1. I spend 7.5 hours a day with 22 eight-year-olds.
2. I am taking 2 grad classes, and one of them is a bit philosophical for my brain
3. With 2 classes, I never have time to run outside.
4. It's getting cold.
5. I spent the first 3 weeks of the month sick, and somehow my house got out of control.

I'm such a good problem solver that I've decided upon these solutions:

1. I WILL remind myself daily that I will have 12 loooong weeks of summer.
2. I will set aside 30 minutes every night to read for my class.
3. I got a gym membership and I have been waking up at 4:45am to go!
4. We bought a pellet stove and now we just need to hook it up. That should make our house hot!
5. I will take an immune system booster every other day, so I won't get sick. And I will just have to lower my standards around the house and wait for the weekend to get organized.
6. My favorite plan: I WILL allow myself to indulge in this once a month:

So if any of you are having parties for this delicious food, I am such a good friend that I would be more than happy to buy this food from you. :)


  1. Beer bread? hmmm. I've never seen that. You should also drink some wine. That cures all.


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